​​Protect what is most critical to your company's success 

Active Cyber Defense is a comprehensive monitoring environment that offers actionable security insight across your enterprise.  We bring together cutting edge technology with our decades of security services expertise to provide a the monitoring you need at a fraction of what it would cost to build a comparable in-house security monitoring program.

Our cross-discipline approach dramatically improves the accuracy of our monitoring services and reduces the likelihood of an incident going undetected.

ASSET Discovery - We find all of the assets on your network to understand where critical assets are located

Vulnerability Assessment - We continuously scan and monitor your critical assets to discover weaknesses that could lead to a breach. 

Behavioral Monitoring - We identify suspicious and anomalous behavior that would indicate a potential systems compromise.

Threat Detection - We leverage a process that not only uncovers existing threats to your IT infrastructure, but also watches "over the horizon" for threats that may impact you in the near future.

Event Correlation - We gather information through all of these core capabilities and analyze it to identify incidents that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Evolved Cyber Solutions' Security Operating Center (SOC) brings analyzes the security intelligence gained from across the community and all of our clients to continuously improve the accuracy and speed with which we identify incidents in your environment.